Saturday, 26 May 2018

'Murder in Istanbul' performed by the Hungarian project team

On 24th May the Hungarian project team presented our common play, the 'Murder in Istanbul'. This play premiered in Spain, where students from partner countries took part in the international performance with huge success.

As soon as students returned to Hungary the members of the Hungarian project team started making preparations for the national performance.
They decided on the roles, learned the dance together and took part in severaly rehearsals.
The final performance took place in the theatre of Százhalombatta and invitations were sent out to local schools and institutions.

It was a great experience and we enjoyed every minute of it!
The recording of the play can be seen here:

Saturday, 19 May 2018

4th transnational meeting in Italy

The fourth transnational project meeting took place in Rome, Italy. It was organised from 17-18 May, 2018 and each partner institution was represented by two or three project team members. 

During the meeting we concluded the project by summing up all the project activities we had completed and we checked and planned the final activities of the project. We agreed on the deadlines for the implementation of the project activities and also made preparations for the final report. We finalised the project results and made decisions about what to upload to the European Dissemination Platform.

Every partner presented their experience of the three-year partnership through a presentation pointing out the impact the project has had on their institutions.

We agreed on and elaborated on the common assessment tools both for language measurement and final assessment.  We started working on the final report, too, by discussing report questions. Since it was the final meeting of our project we discussed how the activities we had carried out could be sustained and embedded in our school curricula and we seeked ways of possible future cooperation among partners.

We also took part in some great cultural activities and we went on some trips exploring Rome. We visited Palazzo Valentini where we took part in an interactive tour of the archeological remains of a Roman Domus, which was fascinating and informative.

We were all fascinated by the various tastes and sights of Italy and were grateful for the good official programmes and the hospitality and kindness of our Italian partners!

Friday, 13 April 2018

Day 5 short-term students exchange meeting in Spain.

Day 5

A day in Cuenca, UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

We start the day early in the morming, today we go to Cuenca which is one of the five provinces of the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha.

As usual, our dear Vesna starts the day taking pictures of every moment and of all teachers and students. our guests are waiting at the meeting point full of excitement to start a great day in this unknown city for them .

Cuenca is at the North of the province, its first kwnon name was Cünka. Since the Paleolitic to these days Cuanca has been a very rich city in historical and cultural events.

Nowadays, the economy is based on turism, It became very important at the end of the 20th century, in 1996 when this city was declared Unesco World Heritage Centre.

Its architectural background around the old town is great, buildings such as the Cathedral of Cuenca and Las Casas Colgadas have become some of the symbols of the city.

We visited the The Science Museum in Cuenca although there are more than ten important of them.
We enjoyed every activity at the Museum, touching, seeing, smelling,  hearing and even tasting all the five senses alive for the whole visit. We reinforced and  learned many things during the visit, the monitors gave us clear lessons on the different  topics.

Then in the afternoon, we started a walking  tour around the city and our tour guide did great in his briefing, we smiled, and had a great learning time once again.

Main events in the city are Easter , which was just finished in April and the Religious Musical week
The Mediterraneal cliamte of Cuenca permited us to have a perfect day walking through its streets.

It was an unforgetable day, full of great memories that we took with us.
Written by Spanish Team.