Saturday, 19 December 2015

Input questionnaire for students - results

At the beginning of the project we asked our students to answer some questions about the project.Here are some questions they answered and word clouds made from their answers: What do you expect from this project? In your opinion what are the benefits / advantages of a project like this? They were asked to finish the following sentence: By the end of the project I hope I will.....

Thursday, 3 December 2015

A great Animoto video

This great video was made by a Turkish colleague :Erinç Büyükaşık. 

Another video made by the Croatian coordinator colleague, Natalija Moskatelo:


Transnational meeting in Hungary - day 3

On our final day went to the capital city of Hungary, Budapest to explore its architectural and cultural abundance. We went on a long walking sightseeing tour in the city, where-  among others - we admired Buda Castle, St Stephen Basilica, Vörösmarty Square.
We also visited the Hospital in the Rock to find out some information about the history of Hungary and see the place where many doctors and volunteers dedicated  themselves to saving countless lives during the Second World War and in 1956.
We ended the day and also our first meeting with a dinner together and said goodbye.
We will cooperate on all the activities we planned agreed on during the meeting and we are looking forward to the first student exchange in Spain in February, 2016.
visiting the "Hospital in the Rock"

last dinner together

The "READ team" in Buda Castle

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Transnational meeting in Hungary: 2nd day

Our second day was also really tight and full of work. We have managed to finalise and agree on everything in connection with project managent and implementation.
We also took part in ICT workshops during which each participant introduced different tools and applications that we would use during the implementation of our project activities.

Among many others we got acquainted with the following tools: Kahoot, Emaze, Prezi, Popplet, Linoit, Onenote, Padlet, Voice Thread, Quizziz, Titanpad, Riddle, SimpleMind/MindMeister, Quizlet, Aurasma , Thinglink, Move note , vivavideo, Survey Monkey , Voki , Slideshare, Todaysmeet, Answergarden   and

We also specified the activities of the first project year and discussed the rules of the logo competition and established guidelines for the forthcoming activities. 
We also agreed on the tool for carrying out input evaluation both for students and teachers and we also discussed the procedure of the non-formal language classes we will provide our students with.

We have also got acquainted with Europass documents with a special emphases on Europass mobiliy document that we will use for all our mobilities. 

In the late afternoon we took part in a three-hour drama workshop organised by Káva Theatre Group which was extremely interesting and enjoyable for all participants as we took part in different drama activities with a view to getting to know each other a bit better, strenghtening our connection with each other and of couse having some fun!! It was a really useful and enjoyable day again!!

Transnational meeting in Hungary : 1st day

Our first day's programme was very tight, but really useful.

We met our new project partners and we introduced ourselves to each other. We looked around the Hungarian school and could get a glimpse of the different programmes and activities going on. 
It was followed by a fascinating series of presentations on the participating schools, their towns and also some background information on their countries. It was extremely interesting to find out all this information and get to know our project partners a bit better. 

We have revised the timeline of our project and discussed all the activities of the first project year. We also assigned roles and duties and reached an agreement on dates of mobilities of first project year. We have examined and looked at the different common tools we will use for project management and dissemination, with a special emphasis on Twinspace, Facebook and the common project blog. 

At the end of a hard day full of work we had some recreational activity and visited the local bowling alley to take part in a great team-building activity of bowling :-) It was good fun!

TRANSNATIONAL MEETING, HUNGARY. 29th November/ 3rd December: A great team!!!