Thursday, 3 December 2015

Transnational meeting in Hungary - day 3

On our final day went to the capital city of Hungary, Budapest to explore its architectural and cultural abundance. We went on a long walking sightseeing tour in the city, where-  among others - we admired Buda Castle, St Stephen Basilica, Vörösmarty Square.
We also visited the Hospital in the Rock to find out some information about the history of Hungary and see the place where many doctors and volunteers dedicated  themselves to saving countless lives during the Second World War and in 1956.
We ended the day and also our first meeting with a dinner together and said goodbye.
We will cooperate on all the activities we planned agreed on during the meeting and we are looking forward to the first student exchange in Spain in February, 2016.
visiting the "Hospital in the Rock"

last dinner together

The "READ team" in Buda Castle

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