Friday, 13 April 2018

Day 5 short-term students exchange meeting in Spain.

Day 5

A day in Cuenca, UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

We start the day early in the morming, today we go to Cuenca which is one of the five provinces of the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha.

As usual, our dear Vesna starts the day taking pictures of every moment and of all teachers and students. our guests are waiting at the meeting point full of excitement to start a great day in this unknown city for them .

Cuenca is at the North of the province, its first kwnon name was Cünka. Since the Paleolitic to these days Cuanca has been a very rich city in historical and cultural events.

Nowadays, the economy is based on turism, It became very important at the end of the 20th century, in 1996 when this city was declared Unesco World Heritage Centre.

Its architectural background around the old town is great, buildings such as the Cathedral of Cuenca and Las Casas Colgadas have become some of the symbols of the city.

We visited the The Science Museum in Cuenca although there are more than ten important of them.
We enjoyed every activity at the Museum, touching, seeing, smelling,  hearing and even tasting all the five senses alive for the whole visit. We reinforced and  learned many things during the visit, the monitors gave us clear lessons on the different  topics.

Then in the afternoon, we started a walking  tour around the city and our tour guide did great in his briefing, we smiled, and had a great learning time once again.

Main events in the city are Easter , which was just finished in April and the Religious Musical week
The Mediterraneal cliamte of Cuenca permited us to have a perfect day walking through its streets.

It was an unforgetable day, full of great memories that we took with us.
Written by Spanish Team.


Thursday, 12 April 2018

Day 4

The fourth day of the exchange started at the theatre where we all gathered for the clothes rehearsal before the evening play. Students and teachers worked intensely trying to be perfectly prepared as the premier was so close.
Later that morning students of two primary classes came to the final rehearsal so our actors, dancers, sound, light and graphic makers had the opportunity to check if everything was ready to the premier.
At midday we had a meeting at Tomelloso Town Council. The Municipal Palace was built in 1904 on the remains of a previous building, and it is currently used for institutional purposes.
The first Deputy Mayor, Iván Rodrigo, warmly welcomed the participants of the exchange and told us the main facts about education,economy,political issues of the city.

After the meeting we went to the first building of the school. Now there is a museum and a religion centre of the parish. Our quide told a lot of interesting things from the past and today's life of the community.

At last it came! The most important moment of the project - our play’s premiere started at six in the evening. The Lope de Vegas museum’s hall was almost full of spectators the main part of whom consisted of friends and family members of host students. Despite of some thrill and excitement it was a real success! Everything was perfect, so that everyone felt really happy. Our day ended in high emotions.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Day 3: Student exchange in Spain

Wednesday 11th April, 

The athletic competitions involving all the schools of Tomeloso have been cancelled because of the bad weather.

So students gathered in a classroom with their Spanish hosts and lead by the teacher Mrs Ana Maria Manzano Piqueras and they had a conversation in English. 
They introduced themselvesdealt with their favourite national singers and eventually everyone wrote the longest  word in his/her own language.

At 11 everyone in the  Erasmus classroom for a further rehearsal of the show.

By now all the students know perfectly their roles and they have staged all the show from beginning to end.

Once the rehearsal was over, Erasmus students and teachers visited an ancient wine cellar.  

It’s accessed through a trapdoor situated in the courtyard of a private house. 

The containers of the wine are  very old and absolutely huge!

At the end of the visit the owners kindly offered a taste of their wine!

Written by the Italian team.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Day 2 of the student exchange in Spain

On the second project day we started the rehearsal of our play called Murder in Istambul. 

 The students were practising the whole day because the performance will be on Thursday evening. To be more effective the teachers decided to divide the kids into two groups. One of the  teams focused on  the first three acts while the other one practised the second half of the play. The double cast  made it possible to practise  in two groups. The first group worked with the help of the Croatian and Italian teachers while the second one was directed by the Lithuanian and Hungarian teachers. 

Then we had a talk about the costume, props, settings, sound effects and music used int he play. Finally we had a common rehearsal with all the actors and teachers.

After a short break the students started learning the choreography of the Turkish dance, which is part of the play. The steps of the dance were taught by  the Hungarian team. 

All the students were enthusiastic and very active.

Written by the Hungarian team.

Day 1 of the short-term exchange meeting in Spain

In the middle of the night, after an adventurous journey and running through Frankfurt airport to catch the plane to Madrid, we finally arrived in Tomelloso.

Nevertheless, we were up and about on time to meet our dearest host Ana Maria Manzano Piqueras at Colegio St.Tomas de Aquino – La Milagrosa. Our teachmeet session began and we discussed past activities, preparation for the play and things to be done before the premiere of Murder in Istanbul, which will be held on Thursday, 12th April 2018 at the local theatre.

We also discussed activities for students after the meeting and finalizing the project.
Before the rehearsal we were welcomed by the new head mistress Laura Lopez, who wished us good luck and successful premiere. Then we joined our students at their first rehearsal (reading and dancing).

First impressions are great. We learned something new about preparing a school play and we had a lot of fun. A famous lecturer once said ‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much’ and we couldn’t agree more. Without any doubt, our international play with Croatian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Spanish, Italian and Turkish stage crew proves the fact that although we speak different languages, we all understand the language of art.

Written by: Vesna Barbarić and Dujo Šantić
Translated by: Natalija Moškatelo