Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Day 2 of the student exchange in Spain

On the second project day we started the rehearsal of our play called Murder in Istambul. 

 The students were practising the whole day because the performance will be on Thursday evening. To be more effective the teachers decided to divide the kids into two groups. One of the  teams focused on  the first three acts while the other one practised the second half of the play. The double cast  made it possible to practise  in two groups. The first group worked with the help of the Croatian and Italian teachers while the second one was directed by the Lithuanian and Hungarian teachers. 

Then we had a talk about the costume, props, settings, sound effects and music used int he play. Finally we had a common rehearsal with all the actors and teachers.

After a short break the students started learning the choreography of the Turkish dance, which is part of the play. The steps of the dance were taught by  the Hungarian team. 

All the students were enthusiastic and very active.

Written by the Hungarian team.

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