Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Day 3: Student exchange in Spain

Wednesday 11th April, 

The athletic competitions involving all the schools of Tomeloso have been cancelled because of the bad weather.

So students gathered in a classroom with their Spanish hosts and lead by the teacher Mrs Ana Maria Manzano Piqueras and they had a conversation in English. 
They introduced themselvesdealt with their favourite national singers and eventually everyone wrote the longest  word in his/her own language.

At 11 everyone in the  Erasmus classroom for a further rehearsal of the show.

By now all the students know perfectly their roles and they have staged all the show from beginning to end.

Once the rehearsal was over, Erasmus students and teachers visited an ancient wine cellar.  

It’s accessed through a trapdoor situated in the courtyard of a private house. 

The containers of the wine are  very old and absolutely huge!

At the end of the visit the owners kindly offered a taste of their wine!

Written by the Italian team.

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