This is the link to the national blog of the project:

Media appearances:
8:20 - 10:18 minutes

The introduction of the Hungarian project members:

An article about the transnational meeting in Hungary:

The interview with some members of the Hungarian project team about the Spanish student exchange programme:

The article about the exchange programme in the local newspaper:

The students' accounts of the meeting in Spain:

The local television's broadcast on the Hungarian student exchange:

 An article in our local newspaper about the Hungarian student exchange:

We had an interview with Véghelyi Balázs, a young poet, who was the student of our school and has published several works.
On 28th September 2016 we visited our local newspaper "Hírtükör" and made an interview with the journalist Czifrik Katalin.

Article about the 2nd teacher training in Spain:

The article in our local newspaper about the student exchange in Italy:

Article about the 5th student exchange in Croatia:

Article about the 6th student exchange:

Interview about the meeting in Spain

Report on the rehearsal for our play

A long discussion on our project 

An article about the Hungarian performance of the play and a summary of the project.

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