Monday, 11 June 2018

'Murder in Istanbul' performed by Lithuanian project team

'Murder in Istanbul' was presented in Skuodas on May 31st. It was an extremely interesting experience for all project participants.

While working we encountered some problems. Whereas only one student participated in the international play in Spain for others it was a real challenge .

Another problem was a small stage, but we could not change anything thus we decided to try to fit in a small space.
We learned the dance a bit earlier as we presented the project on May 9th during the events of Europe Day organized in Skuodas. 

So step by step we had all the work done: actors were ready, invitations were sent, spectators were invited...and the day X came.
Despite the last two days before the play were quite stressful, the amazing atmosphere in the hall quickly dispelled the fears of young artists. 

Everybody felt happy after the play. Besides having fun and unforgettable experience, students learned to work creatively in the team, what is one of the most important things in the modern world. It was a bit sad at the same time because the performance marked the end of the project.

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