Thursday, 25 February 2016

Student exchange in Spain: Day 2

Day 2

Tuesday was a fantastic day full of interesting activities and programmes.

We started the day by visiting the local public library of Tomelloso where we were acquainted with some basic information about the library, the services offered there, and we could even search for books written by our national authors translated into Spanish. It was great fun!! And we did not search in vain. We found Imre Kertész’ Fatelesness (Sorstalanság).

After this, each partner presented their chosen national classical and contemporary authors. All the presentations were very interesting and informative. We loved them!!!
A performance about Cervantes and Don Quijote

The Hungarian presentations
The Lithuanian presentations

The Croatian presentations

The Italian presentations
Spanish presentations
Turkish presentations 

After a short break, work continued…. Students took part in a cooperative workshop with the aim of compiling e-booklets on the information collected by the students beforehand. It was a great opportunity for all of us to see this teaching method in practice. Besides, it enabled our students to get to know each other a bit better, as they were working in groups of mixed nationalities.
It was a hands-on experience for the students as well, because they could test themselves in different roles, such as supervisors, secretaries, assistants and coordinators. Furthermore, they developed their digital competence as they had to use online tools for the creation of the booklets.

Following the Spanish siesta we went to the Carriage Museum of Tomelloso where we could see the different tools and equipments people used in agriculture. Besides, we could see a real 'bombo' from the inside as well. 
It was a really great day!! 
A 'bombo'

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