Tuesday, 1 March 2016

This is our best summary from this 1st students exchange, Families, students and school teachers , really happy this

After a week of intensive work,  the goodbye came to an end , with this summary of happy students and families we would like to thank : Croatia, Hungary , Italy, Lithuania and Turkey for such a great week full of good memories .
Along this week several media in Tomelloso informed about the exchange and the activities carried out :
Monday 22nd

Together for the Literature 

Radio Surco ( Local Radio )

 Last week we lived a special and unforgettable experience, in which we hosted in Spain 25 students from others different countries: Croatia, Lithuania, Italy, Hungary and Turkey.They stayed  in our houses, and we did lots of our diary activities with them.  we also did some lecture' s activities we  visited the Local Library of Tomelloso and introduced some nationals authors. Also we went to visit some important places is Spain and its culture.

On Sunday, 21 we were very nervous because the students arrived to Spain, and we decided to went with our teacher Ana Maria to picked up them in the Adolfo Suarez's airport. In the airport we had to went to three different terminals, because each country arrived in one different terminal. When we picked up all the students, we returned to Tomelloso. And then we came to our houses. In my house, Vincenca and me unpacked her suitcase and then we had  pizza.

On Monday, 22, We went to the school at 8:30 and in there, we did a presentation activity in which the students of each country presented his school and a little part of his town. Then we went to the Town Hall and the mayor of Tomelloso welcome the students. After that we went to visited " La posada de los portales" because it's the oldest monument in Tomelloso. Then we lunch with my family a typical food of Spain "Potatoes omelet". At four we went to drank a coffee with the others students, and we learnt some words and expressions of others languages like "merhaba"(hello in turkey). Then we went to the sport centre and finally, Vincenca and I went with my mother to bought some food for that week.

On Tuesday, 23, we also got up at 8:30. We went to the Local library with our classmates and then the students of each country introduced two national authors, a classic author and a contemporary author, with his respective book. We lunch in my house, and then, at 17:00 we went with the other students to visited a famous museum in Tomelloso (El museo deal carro). After that we went to eat  a pancake. And finally Alicia, Maria and I taught them our flamenco' s class and some flamenco' step. That was  fantastic, we laughed a lot!

On Wednesday, 24th , We stayed  all the day in Madrid for this reason we had to get up very early. When we arrived there  we spent all the morning doing a gymkhana at The Literary Quarter, in which we recognised some of the most famous authors in Spain like Miguel de Cervantes, Calderon de la Barca, Quevedo..... Also we walked through the main  streets of Madrid. After that we went to have  lunch in the centre commercial "Parque Sur" and in there we bought lots of things. Then we returned to Tomelloso.

On Thursday, 25th we went to visit one of the biggest wine cellar in Europe, and in there we learnt the process production of wine. Then we went to Argamasilla de Alba, and there we visited The Medrano's cave ( the cell where Cervantes was imprisoned ) and we did the route of Don Quixote.

On Friday, 26th We visited  Toledo. In there, first we visited The public Library of Castilla-La Mancha, it's in Alcazar de Toledo, and when we finished visit the Library we went to saw the mosque of Toledo. Then we had free time, and we were shopping in Alcazar de Toledo and then we went to had lunch. We returned to Tomelloso soon, and I helped Vincenca to pack  her suitcase, then we went to dinner to Burger King. After that we stayed in Alicia's house a few time, and the we came to my house.

On Saturday, 27, we were very sad because all the students came back to their countries. We picked them  up to the main square and the bus got  them to the airport. Then we had only one goodbye more : Italy . They were the last ones leaving .. It was very sad morning  because everyone had left for their countries and we became  very friendly.

Now, we chat with them every day, and  in summer some of our friends are going to come to Spain to visit us.

                                                                                                              Elena Serrano Lara

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