Friday, 7 April 2017

Day 5: the final day of the student exchange in Rome

On Friday morning both students and teachers met at school to spend the last day together. The students took part in sport activities at Sport Center Fiamme Azzurre for students.
Meanwhile, the participating teachers had a meeting to discuss activities and project-related issues.

We visited a nice park within walking distance of the school, where the students took part in a team game. The teams were based on nationality and the ultimate aim was to decide which country will continue work on which short story out of the six ones student wrote together during the workshops.

The game included various stations, where students needed to complete a wide range of tasks such as sport activities, drama, memory game, etc.

 They were rewarded points based on their performance and the prize of the competition was to choose the stories first. It was great fun!

After the teams have chosen their stories the official part of the meeting has come to an end and all the teachers and students had a free afternoon to spend in the wonderful city of Rome.


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