Monday, 11 April 2016

Student exchange in Hungary - Day 1

11 April 2016
The first day started with welcoming meeting at culture centre of the town. The students of the Arany Janos Altalanos Iskola performed a choir with traditional Hungarian music and a short theatrical play, a scene from 'The Beauty and the Beast'
Then the headmaster of the school showed the parts of the school to the participant students and teams.
Participant students and teachers visited local library. They had a chance to see some remarkable books from different languages. The director of the library gave information about the history of the library.
After having lunch, All the participants students and teachers went to the Archaelogical Park. They watched an informative video about ancient settlements in the town. The participants students and teachers visited sample houses in the Bronze and Iron age villages. Students played a picture mathcing game and they participated in a workshop about making jewellery in the Bronze age in a sample of ancient house.
Written by the Turkish project team

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