Saturday, 16 April 2016

Student exchange in Hungary - Day 5

The last day started with the workshop and discussions about the EU. Through various activities such as crosswords and guessing games students had a chance to learn something new about the Erasmus projects. Hungarian students displayed their dancing skills by performing Hungarian, Slovenian and German dance.
After introducing European dances, our hosts showed us to the table full of multicultural food. We could try tasty dishes from all over the world and learn about the national cuisine of Hungary, Lithuania, Germany, Slovenia, etc.
Soon there was nothing left on the table and we were ready to do some real work. Dorka Aron from the European Direct Lecture held a very informative lecture about the European Union. The students had to guess what is the percentage of the people in their country who have positive attitude towards the EU. Their guesses were mostly pretty close and they showed that they know their countries pretty well. Second part of Aron’s lecture included workshop and short quizzes. Students worked in mixed groups, with one representative of each nation in every group, and they had to show their knowledge about the European capital cities, flags, national anthems, food, famous people, etc. Group who showed the best knowledge in this areas got deserved credits and the big applause at the farewell party.
Farewell party was last event of the day. We gathered at the school gym and took our places. It was time to show to our hosts what have we learned about Hungary. Countries were battling against each other to win the prize and get bragging rights. It was a very tight competition, but in the end Croatia took victory and the best Hungarian sweets as a prize.
Hungarian students performed Hungarian dance, and after their lively performance they asked us to join them and dance with them. After learning a few moves, each nation got a chance to present its county. Italy taught us to play Gladiators of Rome, Croatians introduced some little known facts about their country through a quiz, and with the help of other nations, they performed Croatian version of If you’re happy song. Spain spiced things up with Macarena, Lithuania taught us to dance Lithuanian traditional dance, and Turkey brought everyone to the dance floor with Tarkan’s Kiss Kiss. It was a great ending of an amazing week in Szazhalombatta. Written by the Croatian team

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