Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Student exchange in Hungary - Day 2

Day II , 12th April . We started the journey on time. Everybody was on board and ready to set off. On the way, we drove through Budapest , capital of Hungary.
The best known sights of the Danube bend are : Visegrád and Szentendre , both aim of our trip . Visegrád is located next to Danube and the Rocky hills and played an important role in the lives of the Celts, Avars and Romans. The meaning of the word Visegrád is high fortress.
Nowadays, an important event in Visegrád is the International Palace Games , which takes place when knights in costumes perform castle tournaments, medieval fair, crafting and dance shows to entertain visitors.
A short walking distance away, when the tournament was over we were served the Royal lunch at the Renaissance restaurant. The waiters served us with Royal dishes bringing us back to ancient Royal surroundings while we listened to musicians playing lute music.
In the afternoon we visited Szentendre , the City of Living Art, the Main Square is surrounded by architectural masterpieces , museums, restaurants , cafes and souvenirs shops. In this beautiful town you can experience a Mediterranean atmosphere that few other Hungarian places can offer you . This is a picturesque place for artists to find their inspiration and work. There are a lot of art Museums and galleries .
Written by the Spanish team

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