Monday, 24 October 2016

Day 5 in Lithuania

Friday October 21th

It was the last day for all the participant countries in Litvania/Squodas. All the teams were a bit sad for leaving from this nice country and friendly people. In the last day the stundent cerated their magazines in a team workshop. The results were nice. After the brain battle about Europian languages and culture all the teams had been in lunch break and they’ve prepeared themselves for    the farewell  party.  İn the party they had a chance to taste something from Litvanian cuisine.  İn the party they’ve enjoyed  to  dance with Litvanian folk music. At the end of the party all the teams had taken their certificates  from Litvanian teachers. Everyone in the party were excited beuse of being together, they were happy for being ın Litvania in that week.  İt was farewelll but They’ve gained deep friendships at all.  İn the last day the teacher of Turkish team “Erinç Büyükaşık” had a chance to give lesson to Litvanian studens on Turkish literature and language. He was so excited to have chance like that. 

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