Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Student exchange in Lithuania - 2nd day

The second day of our visit was full of exciting and interesting activities.
Firstly, all students participated in two lessons together with their hosts. They visited lessons such as Arts,  English,  Physics, etc.
Meanwhile,  teachers also observed two lessons, one Lithuanian lesson and an Arts class.  In the Lithuanian lesson the topic students were working on was what it means to be Lithuanian. It was really interesting to see how students presented what it means to them to be Lithuanian.  They worked in groups and even took part in a creative writing task. It was a great lesson. In the Arts class students focused on
drawing faces.

 After the lessons students presented their visits to their local or regional newspapers and they also introduced a contemporary author based on an interview they had conducted using the same set of questions. All the teams were well-prepared and they used a wide range of tools for presenting their findings, such as Powerpoint, Prezi, films, etc. It was really interesting to see how different authors answered the same set of questions and also to compare the different type of newspapers students visited.
The Hungarian team

The Croatian team

The Italian team

The Spanish team

The Turkish team

The Lithuanian team

After a hard working morning we set out to explore the region of Skuodas. We visited a farmer museum where we could see many kinds of tools and equipment dating back to old times, and we could also look at the type of dwelling people had in the past.
We visited the largest rock of Lithuania which students could climb easily and even could surround it holding hands:
The final activity of the day was a pottery workshop, where students learned some information about black ceramics and also ventured to create a piece of pottery of their own:

It was a really eventful and enyojable day for everyone!

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