Thursday, 20 October 2016

Students exchange in Lithuania . Day 4

20th October 2016

It was a great 4th day at school . In our visiting lessons we were taught how important and easy is to communicate in any language through music. We learned more about each others , and some techniques the teacher used to encourage her students to feel the music. Using  a wide variety of instruments helps to motivate the students .

Handcraft lesson , was about these precious strips are very often given to brides as a present on that special day. 
We learned how to make them and enjoyed ourselves. 

At school students were participating in a kahoot competition on newspapers basic sections and vocabulary. They had great time and there were  a couple of groups that really did well .
Afterwards the next activity consisted on designing  title, front and topics for our Read in Europe common newspaper. There were five groups and only one won , it was very difficult to decide the winner . 

After lunch , an exciting afternoon was waiting for us. 
We started our journey to Kretinga and there , workshops on candies and baking bread kept us enthusiastic in our aim. 

To end the day , we walked through a nice parks and went to the beach in Palanga . We could feel how low the temperature was next to the sea. Besides, the water was very calm and no waves at all. The young Baltic Sea is not very deep and tides are very small , here we can find the biggest amber store in the world. 

Great family picture with all members and teams of the exchange program : Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Spain , Turkey and specially thanks to our host country Lithuania.

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