Tuesday, 14 March 2017

2nd day in Spain - Teacher training

After a nice breakfast, we gathered at the host school  where Turkish and Spanish teams started to prepare for their joined lesson on The Selfish Giant.

At nine o'clock the lesson began with the 9th graders. The Spanish teacher did the speaking part of the lesson working with the framework of gamification. Since the story had been read previously by the students they started working in groups elicitating the plot and the characters. They used 'see-think-wonder' method.

 As the following tasks students were working on a jumbled text. In the second part of the lesson drama section was facilitated by the Turkish team. Students were asked to take part in three different activities: first they had to choose a scene, act it out then after a few moments they had to freeze the scene. Secondly a 'hot seat' game was played: a character- the giant - sat in the middle of the circle, and other pupils kept asking questions. The pupil in the middle  answered as the character of the giant. Last but not least they dramatised a scene from the story on the basis of a script. 

After a five minute break the teachers came together to have a project meeting about different topics. First we had to agree on the different workshops which will be carried out during the next student exchange in Italy. We have also clarified the needed preparation as well as the would be tasks, deadlines and responsibilities. We had some words about revising the roles and deadlines related to the creative writing tasks and the exercises will have been completed by the end of this project year according to the project timeline.

After a short coffe break Juan José Pagán Casanova the headmaster of the host school shared some information about the upcoming project programs. He also gave us a short presentation related to the unique features of his school.

After this tiring morning session we enjoyed a delicious lunch with our partners.

In the afternoon we had a chance to discover the secrets ot town of Tomelloso despite of the terrible windy weather. But we had no rain at least 😂.

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