Thursday, 16 March 2017

4th day in Spain - teacher training

Thursday - 16th March

The 4th day started off sunny and very promising. We had two interesting and international lessons. First of all, the first part of the lesson was held by the Italian team and the second part of the lesson was preceded by the Croatian team.

We saw different and interesting learning methods which helped the students to reveal their creativity, ability to work in teams and interpret the text by using different teaching and learning methods:
1. Interview with the author ( Oscar Wilde)
2. Dialogues
3. Vocabulary practice
4. Drawing and acting

Later on, the principal of the school conducted a tour at school so that we could get the sense of environment and school life.

In the afternoon, Lithuanian and Hungary teachers held another lesson, in which they involved students into their planned activities. They drew the chosen scenes from the tale of Oscar Wilde 'The selfish giant' and acted them out.

We ended the day by visiting the Ruidera Lakes. What really astonished us was the stunning view of the place. The day was full of wonder.

Written by the Lithuanian team

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