Thursday, 16 March 2017

3rd day in Spain - teacher training

Wednesday- 15th March

Today we left Tomelloso by bus to go to Madrid.

Here, in the morning, we've been received in the school of Santa Joaquina de Vedruna.

This is the biggest of the 31 schools which are part of FEC. Here we had a lecture on teachers career in Spain inside FEC, the main thing being continuos training and evaluation aimed to improve one's
competences in different areas, such as ICT's, tutorship, CLIL and so on.

We also met here two colleagues and exchanged ideas with them while visiting the school after the lecture.

Afterwards, we went to the city center for a stroll  from the literary neighborhood  up to Puerta del Sol and then had lunch in a restaurant where we ate typical Asturian food.

Then we continued our visit going to Plaza Mayor and to the Royal Palace  before coming back to Tomelloso where we arrived, tired and worn out but happy for the beautiful day, at 9:30 p.m.

written by the Italian team :-)

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