Sunday, 10 September 2017

3rd transnational meeting in Turkey

The third transnational project meeting took place in Istanbul, Turkey. It was organised from 6-8 September, 2017 and each partner institution was represented by two or three project team members. During the meeting we launched the 3rd project year by summing up the project activities we had completed so far and we checked and rearranged the activities of the 3rd project year. We agreed on the exact dates of the project activities and also made preparations for the completion of our cooperation.
We agreed on our common assessment tools both for language measurement and final assessment. We explored the Turkish school and got acquainted with all the activities done there as well as the Turkish educational system.

The activities for and during the student exchange in Croatia were discussed and we also made preparations for the final student exchange that will take place in Spain.

The participating teachers also had a “literary text” workshop, where we jointly read and discussed the short story „The Last Birds” by Sait Faik Abasiyanik.
We had the honour of visiting places and meeting people of great importance in order to discuss and compare our educational systems and share good practices. We paid a visit to National Education Directorate and had a meeting with the Mayor of Üsküdar.

We also took part in some great cultural activities and we went on some trips exploring the breathtaking Istanbul. We had an opportunity to see this spectacular place through the eyes of an insider visiting places that are popular with locals and experiencing authentic Turkish culture.  

We took a Historical Peninsula Tour visiting Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapı Palace and  Basilica Cistern. We also paid a visit to Tanpinar Library which is a literary museum and archive dedicated to Turkish literature and named after the Turkish novelist and essayist Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar. We were fascinated by the great sights of Istanbul from a boat trip on Bosphorus.

We took part in a great workshop with with the Turkish Novelist and Story Writer Jale Sancak in Galata, who talked about her inspirations for writing and shared some useful tips and ideas with us.

We were all fascinated by the various tastes and sights of Turkey and were grateful for the good official programmes, the historical tours, the bazar tours, the nice turkish tea and d coffee and the hospitality and kindness of our Turkish partners!

It was a really good meeting with great project partners, so all of us have arrived home enthusiastic about the third year of our cooperation!

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