Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Student exchange in Croatia - Day 2

On Tuesday we woke up to find a beautiful, warm, sunny day.

Students met at 8,30 at the Veneranda, an open air cinema set in the remains of an old Greek catholic monastery which was afterwards used as a fortress by the Napoleonic army. Here they started writing the script for a play based on a short story they wrote in advance.

After that it was time for the Drama Club. Students from each country performed a short extract from a play by a National author, students and teachers from the other countries being the audience.

After lunch students were divided into mixed teams and they had a Seek and Find Game: they had to look for parts of a poem hidden troughout the town, until they got the entire text.

At 16,00 we all met to go through a guided tour of the town. We visited the Franciscan Monastery and the near church, then we strolled along the pier until we reached the Arsenal and the Theatre. There, from the Main Square, we took a steep narrow street, which soon turned into steps, to reach the Spanjola Fortress, built on the very top of the hill behind the town: the view from the Fortress was amazing.

For dinner we teachers were taken to a restaurant on a little round island just in front of the port, where we ate various tasty kinds of fish and a delicious home made almond cake.

After that, tired, but happy and satisfied, we said goodnight and went back to the hotel.

written by the Italian team

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