Thursday, 28 September 2017

Student exchange in Croatia. Day 4.

We have spent the first part of the morning working on Drama activities at school so as this afternoon we will show the techniques at the townhall in front of the parents and teachers. 
To dramatize we made two groups, played with sounds, movements, one minute improvisation...
By the end of the great sesion we learnt that there’s theater on us. It was Ivana marijancic, the drama teacher, who showed how wonderful it is to act and how easy  feelings  and sensations come out from us.
Facebook Ivana Dramski Odgoj Marijancic

The second part of the morning we visited lessons with our hosts.
During the English lesson we learnt advantages and disadvantages of living in big cities, the environment in the class was nice and it invited to participate in the conversation. 

Visit of the day:
First thing we visited the summerhouse  of the poet Hanibal Lucić, 14th century.
In the afternoon, we had dinner that parents had prepared. We played instruments , sang traditional songs and we all enjoyed having  good fun, 
Students were given some prizes they had won during the week.
Best team at Kahoot!: Lithuania. 
Best team at Croatian pronunciation: Hungary and Lithuania.

Then students practiced songs from their countries and culture, for example:Turkey 1):ah istanbul from Sezen aksu,2): hasretinle yandi gönlüm, 3)  Deniz tekin.

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